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Sunday School


23rd September PM – 2 Peter 1

Peter presents a daunting list of Christian virtues. But it is simply a fruit of the Spirit of God working in our lives. By means of these fruits God shows His glory to the world, by displaying His treasure in earthen vessels. 23rd September 2018 PM – Martyn Owens 2 Peter 1 Download

23rd September AM – Joshua 12

The conquest of the land in Joshua is a picture to us of the victory that God wins in our lives in redeeming us from the judgment due our sin, and then cleansing us of it for the rest of our lives until we go to glory. But this isn’t just for us – it…

16th September AM – Psalm 111

The Psalms furnish a shining example to us of how God should be worshiped, and the people of God all through the ages have found instruction and wisdom in this book. Psalm 111 is a startling psalm that shows a holy and mighty God, an unworthy people, and the same God who bridges the gap.…

9th September PM – Job 38

God’s response to Job furnishes a crushing indictment of human arrogance and declares boldly how God’s thoughts are higher than ours. But for the Christian this is a sweet thing – in our poverty his riches gleam all the more brightly to our eyes, in our foolishness his wisdom leaves us in awe, and in…

9th September AM – Joshua 10

The decimation of the Canaanites at Joshua’s hand gives many pause. How are we to understand what was done? Was it necessary? The answer may lie in a proper appreciation of the terrible state of Canaan in those days, and a right appreciation of the terrible nature of sin. 9th September 2018 AM – Martyn…

2nd September PM – 2 Peter 1

We begin a new series on the second epistle of Peter. This letter has many things to say to us in the modern era about the dangers of backsliding and what we should or should not be willing to do in the name of evangelism. 2nd September 2018 PM – Martyn Owens 2 Peter Download

26th August PM – Mark 4

In the parable of the sower, Christ illustrates four responses to the Gospel and offers a sober warning for Christians to test themselves and see which soil they are. But the same parable also brings out the beauty of the Gospel, and its life-giving declaration of freedom from sin and reconciliation with God. 26th August…

26th August AM – Joshua 10

Not long after the Gibeonites are accepted as part of the people of Israel, trouble brews. An alliance of kings seeks to make quick work of this new alliance before it becomes an unstoppable threat. Can Joshua save Gibeah before it is too late? 26th August 2018 AM – Martyn Owens Joshua 10 Download