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Sunday School


11th November PM – 2 Peter 1

One of the great failings of fallen creatures such as we are is our tendency to forget. In these verses Peter pledges himself to ensure that the Church never forgets the great truths of the Christian faith. 11th November 2018 PM – Martyn Owens 2 Peter 1 v 12-15 Download

11th November AM – Judges 1

Joshua was a stark reminder of the fate of a world set against God; of the coming final judgment. Judges is a dire warning to the Christian and to the Church of the dangers of forgetting God. We kick off a new series in Judges with a reminder of what defined the people of God.…

28th October PM – 2 Peter 1

John Calvin said that although God saves us by faith alone, yet the faith that saves is not alone. The mercies and graces of God are not deserved by anyone, and yet their presence in a person’s life will make a difference in how they live. There is no contradiction in saying that we are…

28th October AM – Joshua 24

Joshua calls the children of Israel together one last time to give them his last warnings and instructions, and to remind them of all that God has done for them to make them His people. 28th October 2018 AM – Martyn Owens Joshua 24 v 14 Download