13th May AM – Joshua 1

The book of Joshua begins with a calling to Joshua, Moses’s assistant, to bring the people of Israel into the Promised Land. What is the source of his courage in the face of this daunting task?

6th May PM – 1 Peter 5

1 Peter 5 begins with a call to the shepherds of God’s flock – the overseers of the church – to exercise their office not selfishly or in a domineering way, but clothed with the mind of Christ. And in this we find a pattern for all Christians whatever our roles in the church of…

25th February PM – 1 Peter 4

In the first six verses of this chapter, Peter describes how Christians should behave. But this is not just a series of do’s and don’ts; rather there is a backdrop of God’s graciousness and a memory of his ever-present faithfulness.