23rd of February AM – 1 Samuel – David in Philistia

We come to the end of 1 Samuel where we find David fleeing and taking refuge among the Philistines. Just like Saul, who has been rejected by God for his disobedience, David too makes mistakes while leading his men. But the difference is that David always turned back to the Lord and sought him for…

26th of January PM – Job 5 – Eliphaz, Part Two

We continue looking at the speech of Eliphaz. What we find is a man who thinks that he can help Job with all his wisdom, which is nothing but a worldly wisdom. Yet his words are quite empty as they are not true reflections of either reality or the situation and character of Job himself.…

28th October AM – Joshua 24

Joshua calls the children of Israel together one last time to give them his last warnings and instructions, and to remind them of all that God has done for them to make them His people. 28th October 2018 AM – Martyn Owens Joshua 24 v 14 Download

14th October AM – Joshua 19

After their many struggles the people of God take the Promised Land and it falls to Joshua to leave Israel this legacy. 14th October 2018 AM – Martyn Owens Joshua 19 v 49 Download

1st April PM – 1 Peter 4

The great glory of God shown in creation is enough to make us gasp in awe. What then of the humility of this glorious Christ in coming down to earth and suffering for the salvation of sinners? And how are we to live in light of the sufferings of Christ?

18th March AM – Matthew 20

Christ voluntarily became a man, and voluntarily went to the cross. In the face of His position and majesty and glory as eternal God, we find ourselves acknowledging the words of that hymn, “Never was love, dear King, Never was grief like Thine.”