29th April PM – 1 Peter 4

In the midst of Christian suffering, there is an outstanding opportunity for the incontrovertible showing of the grace of God to all around. We resume Peter’s letter to a church on the brink of a fiery trial.

29th April AM – Joshua 1

The judgment that came on the people of Canaan is a reminder to us today of the judgment that is to come at the end of the age. And the cry now is of the offer of the kingdom of God and His salvation before it is too late.

22nd April AM – Joshua 1

The book of Joshua is one that can elicit a negative reaction in our day. It is a book of conquest and war and bloodshed. What does the Bible have to say about it? How does this accord with the nature and character of God?

25th February PM – 1 Peter 4

In the first six verses of this chapter, Peter describes how Christians should behave. But this is not just a series of do’s and don’ts; rather there is a backdrop of God’s graciousness and a memory of his ever-present faithfulness.

John MacArthur on Truth

Nothing is as important, nothing is as valuable as divine truth. The purest, the most powerful, the most necessary, the most valuable reality in existence is God’s truth, the Word from God. It alone provides eternal life and eternal life is the most necessary thing that exists. 1John 1:1 John MacArthur