8th of March PM – Job 11 – Zophar Speaks

Job’s friend Zophar speaks and is aggressive in his condemning Job. What is striking is that unless the context of Zophar’s speech is seen, some of what he says is quite quotable and true. How are we to understand the difference, for example, between Zophar’s extolling the depths of God and that of the apostles?…

16th of February PM – Job 8 – Bildad’s Speech

After Eliphaz’s and Job’s exchange, Bildad steps into the fray. He talks of a God of stern justice that allows for no mercy. Bildad’s theology is one that has no place for suffering endured by one who does not deserve it, and thus has no place for redemptive suffering, no place for the cross. Martyn…

19th of January PM – Job 4 – Eliphaz, Part One

We now look at the first speech of Eliphaz the Temanite, the oldest of Job’s friends. He starts by being kind and seemingly acknowledging Job’s good deeds. But his speech begins to take a turn where he turns accusatory and speaks of a strange and dark vision he has had. Martyn Owens – Job

1st of December PM – On Suffering

In chapter 3 we find a terrible and heart-wrenching lament finally tear itself out of Job’s lips. He cannot hold back any longer and expresses his grief and frustration, wishing that he had never been born. Martyn Owens – Job 3