28th October PM – 2 Peter 1

John Calvin said that although God saves us by faith alone, yet the faith that saves is not alone. The mercies and graces of God are not deserved by anyone, and yet their presence in a person’s life will make a difference in how they live. There is no contradiction in saying that we are…

14th October PM – 2 Peter 1

2 Peter is a letter of encouragement to a suffering church. Peter encourages this church in its weakness to grow in their walk with the Lord, and comforts them with the knowledge that God is with them. 14th October 2018 PM – Martyn Owens 2 Peter 1 Download

7th October PM – 2 Peter 1

Martyn Owens looks at three questions raised by the introduction to 2 Peter: Do we know God as our Saviour? Does the world look at the Church and see a reflection of Christ? Are you partaker of the nature of God? 7th October 2018 PM – Martyn Owens 2 Peter 1 Download

25th March PM – 1 Peter 4

The Christian’s path is markedly different from that of others. It is walked at the loss of many worldly pleasures, and involves a ‘dying daily.’ But it is a path that bears the footprints of the Saviour. In chapter 4 we have an invitation and command to walk this path, and an example to walk…

18th March PM – 1 Peter 4

Far from only being about ‘pie in the sky’ or the next life, the gospel that is preached is the answer to man’s ultimate question: what is the point of it all? What is the end to which we are to live? The answer cannot be found apart from God, and God cannot be found…