26th of January PM – Job 5 – Eliphaz, Part Two

We continue looking at the speech of Eliphaz. What we find is a man who thinks that he can help Job with all his wisdom, which is nothing but a worldly wisdom. Yet his words are quite empty as they are not true reflections of either reality or the situation and character of Job himself.…

1st of December PM – On Suffering

In chapter 3 we find a terrible and heart-wrenching lament finally tear itself out of Job’s lips. He cannot hold back any longer and expresses his grief and frustration, wishing that he had never been born. Martyn Owens – Job 3

14th October PM – 2 Peter 1

2 Peter is a letter of encouragement to a suffering church. Peter encourages this church in its weakness to grow in their walk with the Lord, and comforts them with the knowledge that God is with them. 14th October 2018 PM – Martyn Owens 2 Peter 1 Download

29th April PM – 1 Peter 4

In the midst of Christian suffering, there is an outstanding opportunity for the incontrovertible showing of the grace of God to all around. We resume Peter’s letter to a church on the brink of a fiery trial.

15th April PM – 1 Peter 4

In the face of a terrible storm of persecution that was coming over the Philippian church, Peter asks the church to rejoice! How are we to understand this seemingly incongruous advice?