November’s Sermons

Sermons from November 2015 James-3-The-Tongue-15th-November-2015pm-Martyn Christianity-Explained.-Believing-15th-November-2015-am-Martyn 1-Thessalonians-4.-8th-November-2015-am-Kerry James-2-v-14ff-1st-November-2015-pm-Martyn

October’s Sermons

Sermons from October 2015 James-2-v-1-13.-Favouritism.-25th-October-2015pm-Martyn Repentance-Christianty-Explained-25th-October-2015-am-Martyn James-1-v-19ff.-Real-Christian-Living.-18th-October-2015-pm-Martyn GRACE-Christianity-Explained-18th-October-2015-am-Martyn James-1-v-9-18-pm-11th-October-2015-Martyn Gideons.-Terry-Throne-Childrens-Talk-and-Sab-Phiri-2-Thessalonians-2-v-13 Introduction-to-James.mp3 pm Martyn

September’s Sermons

Sermons from September 2015 Qualifications-for-Church-Deacon.-1Tim-3 pm Martyn Leviticus-21-22.-Regulations-for-the-High-Priest-and-Priests am Martyn The-Ressurection.-Christianity-Explained am Martyn The Able Pastor (Pt2) 2 Corinthians 3 v 5 pm The Cross. Christianity Explained. Martyn

August’s Sermons

Sermons from August 2015 The Able Pastor (Pt1) 2 Corinthians 3 v 5. Martyn The Son of God. Christianity Explained. Martyn On the Cross Mark 15 v 33. Martyn Why is life so difficult? Job 1 / Hebrews 12 v 5-11. Martyn

July’s Sermons

Sermons from July 2015 2 kings 5 v 1-13. Do you have a story to tell of how you met the Lord? Martyn Mark 15 v 1-41 Our Blessed Lord in the hands of evil. Martyn

May Sermons

3rd May Martyn pm Mark 1 v 1- 11 The Anointing of Jesus. Martyn am Leviticus 11 Unclean and clean foods. 10th May Martyn pm; Mark 14 The tragedy of Judas. Martyn am ; Children’s Anniversary Numbers-13. How big is our God. 17th May Martyn pm Mark 14 v 22 Jesus took up the Cup.…

April Sermons

3rd April Martyn pm 1Peter 1 v 1 ff 10th April Gerald pm John 20 v 19 – 20 Gerald am Matthew 5 v 11 – 12 Blessed are you when …. 19th April Martyn pm Mark 13 v 24 He will come again to receive us unto Himself. Martyn am Psalm 37 26th April…