16th of February PM – Job 8 – Bildad’s Speech

After Eliphaz’s and Job’s exchange, Bildad steps into the fray. He talks of a God of stern justice that allows for no mercy. Bildad’s theology is one that has no place for suffering endured by one who does not deserve it, and thus has no place for redemptive suffering, no place for the cross. Martyn…

29th April AM – Joshua 1

The judgment that came on the people of Canaan is a reminder to us today of the judgment that is to come at the end of the age. And the cry now is of the offer of the kingdom of God and His salvation before it is too late.

22nd April AM – Joshua 1

The book of Joshua is one that can elicit a negative reaction in our day. It is a book of conquest and war and bloodshed. What does the Bible have to say about it? How does this accord with the nature and character of God?

Judgement and Blessing (Amos 9)

After stark and plain pronunciations of terrible judgments to come, Amos ends with a beautiful promise of abundant blessing. How are we to understand this blessing? Is it literal, or did it point to a greater fulfillment in our day? And how does this tension of judgment and blessing manifest in our day and age…